Conversion Optimization Tips and Strategies For Your Landing Pages

The Best Ways To Setup Your Own Landing Pages with Ease

For many online businesses, a ready-made landing page is the best option. Some don’t have the expertise, time or staff to build their own landing pages, and most can afford to pay for landing page creation services as their sales increase. However, customization is limited, and you’re stuck paying for a landing page forever. Below are some compelling reasons to build landing pages with tools such as OptimizePress 3.0, as well as brief instructions on how to do it.

Design the Page

If you take a close look at landing page services, you’ll notice that there are hundreds of choices–but all are derived from basic templates. The three most vital are listed here:

  • Lead generation pages
  • Opt-in pages
  • Signup pages

Actions take place on these pages, and as such, they should be where the bulk of your investment goes. Your landing page should include a call to action, value proposition, and visual media that gets your customers’ attention. With a little testing and the best wordpress landing page plugins, you can create a page that gets the results you want. It’s recommended to add a good intro video on your pages to increase visitor engagement. If you need to create videos fast, you can use a article to video software tool to transform your existing articles into new content samurai review videos with ease.

Write Sales Copy

The hardest part of a landing page is writing effective sales copy. You’ll need to figure out a way to cut through the online “white noise” your customers hear, and you’ll need to build a connection strong enough to keep your customers on your page. At the minimum, your sales copy should include a headline, a description of the value you’re offering, and a list of the benefits of your offer. If you can’t offer a full description in a few words, give enough info to “hook” your readers into scrolling down the page. Personally I use the best private proxy server when browsing the web, so make sure your landing page builder does not block proxies or you might miss out on good traffic. If you struggle with writing sales copy and creating content yourself, and cannot afford to hire a copywriter, your next best option is using coach glue planners. They’re affordable, created by top marketers and you can use them legally if you grab a license from their website. I do it for many of my website and Google loves the content too.

Give Visitors a Few Options

As much as everyone preaches equality these days, not all site visitors are the same. Different customers are at differing points in the buying continuum. If a potential buyer finds you while they’re in the comparison, research or awareness stages, you’ll need to give them a way to learn more about your company–and hyperlinking features to info pages is a simple way to do it. It may be useful to think of a landing page as a funnel entrance, where every option is a component that attracts researching customers and nudges them along the path to a purchase. Also make sure you are offering a high quality lead magnet/call to action on your landing pages, so you can build your list and contact your leads in future. If you don’t already have a lead magnet, you can browse for plr product reviews and find one that is already done-for-you. If you do not yet have an email autoresponder, compare your options and get an autoresponder for affiliate marketing so that you’re safe if you’re doing promotional emails. Some autoresponder do not allow affiliate marketing so make sure you’re choosing one that does. If you want to learn affiliate marketing for free, you can become a wealthy affiliate for free. It’s a highly recommended free affiliate training system. Thank me later!

A ready-made landing page has a place in today’s online marketplace, but they aren’t right for every business. If you wish to avoid paying every month for a page created from a common template, you can use the guidelines listed above to quickly and easily build your own internet marketing review blogger website.